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1882 SINGER Sewing Machine Restoration. Working after 140 years!!!

I have long wanted to understand how a sewing machine works. And then, quite by accident, I stumbled upon an old rusty sewing machine at a flea market. The seller told me that it was made in the late 1940s or 50s, but due to the unusual shape of the base, I guessed that it was made much earlier.
Already at home, I studied a lot of material regarding this model of a sewing machine. As it turned out the name of the model „Singer 12K”. The figure base is called „Fiddlebase”, and according to information from the forums, it is now quite rare to find it on sale.
During the repair process, I found her serial number, and after checking on the official website of Singer sewing machines, I found out the year of her production – 1882.
Restoration process:
The disassembly phase was pretty easy. Then I sandblasted most of the parts in a sandblasting chamber.
All metal parts were then primed and painted.
Some parts of the sewing machine were lost or broken and I had to remake them.
In general, the work on the sewing machine required the maximum amount of patience from me and took about 14 days, so I will be grateful for feedback from you in the form of comments and „thumbs up”

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