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Three Most Common Motor Fixes Anyone Can Do; Ultimate Guide to Electric motors ; #070

I cover the symptoms and how to fix three of the most common motor problems for DC and AC motors found in Power Tools and Appliances. This is part 3 of a series on electric motors.

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How to replace motor bearings

How to wire most motors

How Single phase motors work

Why I say the capacitance doesn’t matter much?
It is simple. First we are only talking to people where in the old capacitor is not available or the numbers have rubbed off. If they have the numbers for reference there is no problem anyway, and only a few in the extreme case of not having the number would still have a problem if they happened by 50-50 chance to buy one too small. From my experience seeing questions in the comments, the vast major have problems related to these fixes and are working on a power tool or appliance with less than 1hp. Unless you buy a ceiling fan capacitor for your compressor, you are likely to be just fine. This is why I chose the examples I did, and made the comments I did („numbers rubbed off… what do I buy” is a common question). Also note I said „washing machine capacitor” for the same reason. Search for something similar to your application and you should be fine. Finally in the notes on the screen, „the bigger the HP the bigger the capacitance should be”. This advice should help the vast major of watchers.

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